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How to do Street Photography Anywhere (Even in the Suburbs)

Hosted by
Darlene - DPM
James Maher

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March 18th
6:00 pm MDT

Here is What You'll See Inside the Webinar

What is street photography?

A broadened definition of what street photography is, far beyond just people photography in busy cities and places. It’s something that can and should be done anywhere and everywhere.

Example images

In addition, we will explore a wide variety of photographs from all types of areas and talk about why they are successful.


How to capture street photography in quiet areas such as the suburbs and why you should photograph your neighborhood and places where you spend a lot of time.

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Technical tips

Technical tips for capturing high-quality photographs in a variety of difficult situations. Camera settings and more.

Ask Questions

You'll have time to ask questions about any of the points or lessons, or anything else about street photography. We'll stick around and answer every question!

Photo editing tips

Photo editing and how to put together a story with your work. Learning to embrace imperfection in your street photography images.

YES, it will be recorded!

The webinar will be recorded but you MUST be registered to get the link to the video afterward!


About James

James has been a street, social, and documentary photographer in New York for the past 20 years, photographing extensively in both the busiest areas of Manhattan and the quietest areas of Brooklyn. 

As a workshop guide and certified history and tour guide for the last 10 years, he’s given thousands of private photography workshops and countless intensive group workshops to photographers from all over the world with a variety of skill levels and interests. 

These incredible experiences have allowed him to not only connect with all types of photographers but to learn to understand what motivates them and how to tap into this and focus them. 

He has written three photography books, The Essentials of Street Photography, Street Photography Conversations, and The New York Photographer’s Travel Guide.

March 18th
6:00 pm MDT